14Sep, 2019

10Gbps dedicated server for streaming a video

Why you use 10Gbps dedicated server for streaming a video?

Everything in the world is going online day by day. In this digital world, it is must to keep your digital data safely and securely. So, whether your business is big or small, dedicated servers are a prime need today. Dedicated streaming servers can provide you full control, root-level access & management and security of your data.


No Sharing in a nutshell: You must be aware of the drawbacks of shared hosting. Shared hosting means that the resources of a single server are shared and used by different other websites. It implies you will not get full control and there is always a threat of security of data. This drawback is overcome by the 10Gbps dedicated streaming servers that offer optimum control and all-exclusive right on the server’s resources.


Switching from the shared hosting or offshore VPS to the dedicated server hosting is compulsory now if you own your big-hit website. Dedicated server hosting will provide you a great advantage of never slow down the speed of your website due to bad scripts on a roll in some other website. You will never face the trouble of other websites mixing your CPU and RAM. We can say that switching to dedicated servers is a type of up-gradation that can offer you ample space, optimum performance, top-notch security and complete access to the server’s resources. It can get you to enjoy a unique IP address that is not possible in case of offshore shared hosting.


One more benefit for the dedicated streaming server that resellers can offer a helping tool by offering full management of all dedicated server requirements. There are also middle tiers of management where the host does some of the work for you. The host-manager options in case of offshore dedicated server make it the better option over shared ones.


Performance on a dedicated server: Managing performance on a dedicated server is quite easier than a shared one. You can control how much resources you can allocate, and you can decide whether you opt for SSD drives over HDD drives.
In short, Dedicated servers will be beneficial for you if you need:


  1. Full control of server resources and its setup is important
  2. If you are hosting a growing app that needs to scale.
  3. Security is the main paramount
  4. Managed hosting support is essential.
  5. If you need root-level access to a server.


Shared servers can give you huge security risks: On the shared servers, your data can be leaked and there are huge of your website failing. If you need proper security and proper functioning of your website, then 10Gbps dedicated server can work for you like the cherry on the top of the ice-cream.


Yes, the cost of the dedicated servers are somewhat high as compared to the shared ones, but it is also true that it can work more efficient than others. Functionality, security and root-level access in case of dedicated ones are the main plus points that you can get when to choose it.


If you any kind of questions or requirements on a dedicated streaming server, You can consult with a chat agent or email us [email protected].



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