05Dec, 2018
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why is offshore hosting, VPS, Server better?

USA hosting vs. Offshore Hosting – why is offshore hosting better?

Upon reading the following article, please note that it is mostly based on our own hosting features.

USA web hosting or Onshore hosting refers to those hosting services that have their data centers in the USA, while Offshore web hosting refers to those made, situated, or registered abroad.


Advantages of Onshore vs. Offshore hosting:

Onshore Hosting:

  • Speed and Reliability – Connection speeds are affected by both traffic volume and the location relative to your server. Usually you will get speed options for different areas, or even the ability to use servers from multiple regions; however, these often involve additional fees. It is otherwise for Onshore hosting. In the case of our offshore web hosting, however, there is no need to worry about network speeds or reliability. We provide 10Gbps max bandwidth and ensure your utmost comfort.
  • Support Availability – In the case of offshore web hosting, it is often inconvenient if the hosting does not provide 24/7 support. Different time zones and fewer staffs often make it hard for people to access help immediately. Onshore web hosting has the staff of the same time zone as you, and are mostly more convenient. However, Nisar Soft offers 24/7 support, and are employed with enough staff to come at your aid instantly.
  • Cost – Costs will depend mainly on your choice of location. Romania, for example, is a significant spot for offshore hosting companies, due to its overall reasonable low costs. In this aspect, onshore hosting may or may not hold an advantage – it solely depends on said location.

Offshore Hosting:

  • Privacy and Security –Offshore hosting services assure you of privacy and security–both physical and virtual. They tend to come with stricter security protocols for the data centers involved. It is also usual for offshore services to go to an extra length of ensuring your anonymity, and protection of data. Our web hosting comes with similar functions and precautions, such as
  • Global Business – Using offshore hosting means you can host your website in any country you want. If your target audience mostly resides in other countries, using servers that are geographically closer will ensure faster and more reliable connections for them–and upticks in business for you.
  • Relaxed Regulations – Hosting your website on offshore servers puts it outside the sovereignty of your home country’s law and authorities. This means, what is not legal in your country may be allowed in the country in which you are hosting your website. Note, this does not say all offshore hosting services are hotbeds of illicit activities, nor does it mean that offshore hosting is a free pass for any sort of legal liability. Our hosting provider makes sure no illegal activities are carried out by your website.
  • Cost – Again, prices will depend largely on your choice of location.


Which hosting should you choose?

Both onshore and offshore hosting have their advantages and drawbacks. It is, however, efficient and thus preferable to host your website offshore. While onshore hosting has its benefits, those of offshore hosting far outdoes them. What onshore hosting has to offer, is possible with offshore hosting as well. 24/7 support or speed, both may be offered by your provider – that is, if you choose wisely. There are far lesser risks with your website being overseas. Better protection and privacy for your site is ensured by your provider, with fewer chances of troubles with the law. Our web hosting provides all facilities, and make offshore hosting – and Nisar Soft – your best choice.

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