18Sep, 2017

Topics to Ask Before Purchasing Web Hosting

If you want to buy any hosting package, You have to ask few questions to the provider. Why you want to buy web hosting that is the main facts before buy hosting. Hosting package depends on your requirements, like if buy hosting for a website then you need to know the what is the right package for you. If you want to publish portfolio web you need to think about your storage because you can use this with a small amount of storage, so it saves your money. If your website is for corporate office or agency, I suggest you 2GB to 5GB storage because you can get a medium amount of storage and Bandwidth. If you want to publish your eCommerce website then you have to calculate the daily or monthly user that browse your website. I suggest For the grow up eCommerce company at the beginning you can buy any medium package, it saves your money.

In the Bangladeshi web hosting industry, there are lots of facilities to buy the best web hosting from Bangladesh.

  1. When you need support you can get that. Because lot’s of reputed foreign provides support system is not so friendly, example godady.com there are superb provider no dought but they have no support ticketing system.
  2. The server location is another facts before buying the hosting. The USA server is too much popular, Because of the high-quality datacenter and maintenance system.
  3. Control panel system is the another serious issue before buying your hosting.
  4. Offers is the another question to get you have money.There are lots of Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh who give you too many offers you have to select the right one. But you need to clear about the offer because after bought then the offer can kill your dreams. So you should fully know about the hosting offer.
  5. Anytime Upgrade and Downgrade facility is another question that you need to ask the provider. If you think you can get the large plan of the hosting that time you need to downgrade facility to save your money.
  6. Money back guaranty is the another topic that you have to confirm before buying the hosting.

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