26Apr, 2018

How to Force HTTPS Using the .htaccess

 SSL is very necessary to ensure your website’s visitor to an encrypted connection. It’s important for security, accessibility, or PCI compliance reasons. If you want to learn more about the SSL/HTTPS…

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04Dec, 2017
VPS Hosting

Is VPS Better Than Shared Hosting

Today we discuss step-by-step, is the VPS hosting better than shared hosting. Nisarsoft provides SSD VPS and Also SSD Shared Hosting as well.Right now if we talking about web hosting,…

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07Oct, 2017
Free Domain

How to order a hosting package and get free Domain Registration.

 For free domain, there was lots of question. Now we provide the solid instruction to get the free domain. If you can buy hosting package from Nisar Soft then you…

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04Oct, 2017
Free Hosting

Free web Hosting In Bangladesh

Free Web Hosting is a big thing for the beginner who wants to start web development. In this case, Nisarsoft gives you a big opportunity. Nisarsoft offering buys a domain and gets a…

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23Sep, 2017
Do you know what the domain is?

আপনি কী জানেন ডোমেইন কি ?

সাধারন ভাবে ডোমেইন হলো ইলেক্টনিক নাম যার দ্বারা অনলাইনে আপনাকে বা আপনার প্রতিষ্ঠানকে পরিচয় করানো হয়। যেমন ধরুন prothom-alo.com এটি একটি স্বনামধন্য জাতীয় পত্রিকা, তারা তাদেরইলেক্টনিক নাম দিয়েছে prothom-alo.com, আমরা…

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18Sep, 2017

Topics to Ask Before Purchasing Web Hosting

If you want to buy any hosting package, You have to ask few questions to the provider. Why you want to buy web hosting that is the main facts before…

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